Thursday, August 14, 2014


Monday night I finished the borders on my Lattice Quilt, made the binding, pieced the backing, and pressed the batting (W&N). Came home Tuesday night all excited to get it basted. That's where things went south....

1. 3 of the 6 clamps I bought to clamp the backing to my table snapped before I could even get them on! Just got them last week and this is the first time I went to use them.

2. I ran out of curved safety pins while basting. Went thru two whole boxes and it still wasn't enough. I'll have to re-pin before quilting the borders.

3. Got it all basted and went to cut the excess batting off and low and behold.... My backing wasn't long enough!! I'm gonna try and just add a piece to the end (about 3" or so). It's on the back so hopefully it won't be too noticeable.

4. Now I have no clue how to quilt it!! I've not done enough FMQ to attempt it on such a large quilt. Thinking I may just do echo stitching in the lattice.
All basted

After sewing about a 3" strip onto the backing where I was short, I got my brand spankin new Machiner's gloves on and started quilting on Rosie.  After spending WAY too long contemplating how I was going to quilt it, I just decided to wing it.  I already had the walking foot on my machine, so I just changed out the feet to the open-toe one and got to stitchin.

Got the first pass done on Tuesday night and am hoping I can get the rest of this quilting between now and the end of the weekend!  I can't wait to see how it turns out, and it's going to feel awesome to have another Christmas present checked off the list!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Flash Sewing Weekend - August 8th

Phew!  Finally Friday!!!  This has been a long week.  Work has been nuts, lots of stuff to do, and still not feeling 100% so I've been crashing pretty much as soon as I get home from work.  I have managed to get some sewing in this week :-)  I finished up the "inner quilt" of my Lattice Quilt last night and it's ready for borders. 

I kinda had an "oh crap!" moment last weekend while finishing up the last couple of rows.  I pulled out the pattern and was reviewing the steps.... apparently I should have read thru the entire thing before starting.  I didn't realize there was an inner border using the same fabric as the lattice pieces.  Whoops!  If I had read that before I started cutting, I would have been a little more cautious with my cutting and made sure to leave extra honey bun strips for the border.  I didn't :-(  I did have pieces leftover.. but they were just that... pieces!  All were about 11" long.  Now, after calming myself down, I came to the conclusion that I could do one of three things...

  1. Skip that inner border and go straight to the outer border - decided against it because I didn't think it would look "finished" if I would have done that.
  2. Order more fabric - didn't want to have to do that if I could avoid it.  This isn't fabric I could get from JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby and it would definitely have to be ordered.  I could get it at Missouri Star, but unfortunately they are a little backed up in shipping due to their warehouse move a few weeks ago and I didn't want to have to wait two weeks to get it.
  3. Piece all the leftovers together to create the border
When all was said and done, I ultimately chose option #3.  I started sewing those 11" strips together for each side and figured as long as it was consistent thru the entire border it might look OK.   I managed to get the top and bottom done last night, but still need to do the sides.  That's what's on my agenda for tonight.  If things go as planned, I should be able to get it basted and started quilting by the end of the weekend.  I originally had this one "scheduled" for completion August 31st, so if I can get it all done over the next week or so... I'll be a bit ahead of schedule.

Also on my agenda for this weekend is to start working on a shirt that was requested by Hubby.  A couple of weekends ago, the one where I got "Rosie," Hubby and I made a pit-stop at JoAnn's so I could pick up a few accessories for my new machine.  While walking around the store, he picked up a bolt of some fabric out of the licensed section and brought it over.  All he did was hold it up and ask "What can you make me with this?"

Naturally, I was quick to rack my brain for ideas.  It's not quite the greatest print for a quilt, but I immediately thought it would work for a button down shirt. 

McCall's Pattern - M2149

I had made one of these shirts for my dad for Christmas a few years ago and had bought the pattern and some other fabric to make Hubby one as well, just never got around to it.  I already had the pattern so all I had to do was grab some interfacing and some buttons and I would be ready to go.  Hubby has never asked me specifically to make him anything, and after a day of torturing him with craft stores and driving all over Ohio... I was happy to oblige. 

I have the original fabric I bought him years ago to make a shirt with, plus this fabric and some music note fabric I found all to make him shirts out of.  I just need to get to cracking on it!  It'll all need pre-washed so I'm going to zip the edges thru my serger tonight and get it washed.  Thinking I'll have the pieces cut out for the first one sometime tomorrow (we have a short wedding reception to go to in the afternoon) and then have it ready for him to wear by Monday!

It's going to be a busy, busy sewing weekend!  I'm armed with plenty of snacks and beverages, a loaded iPod full of audiobooks, and a nice new machine to play with!  Can't wait to get started tonight!!

Hope everyone is having a Fabulous Friday!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wowzers! Over a Week?!?!?!

I'm SOOOOO sorry!!  I feel like I've been neglecting everyone over the past few weeks.  I've been swamped with housework and projects, many many obligations, plus I haven't been feeling well at all.  Makes for a crazy Rosie.

I have been sewing up a storm though!  I've managed to get the "inner quilt" part of my Lattice Quilt done with the help of my new baby "Rosie."  OMG does she sew like a dream!  I am seriously in LOVE with her!

This picture is from last week, but it'll have to do for now until I can get Hubby's help taking a full-size picture :-)  I LOVE the colors and the way it's coming together!  I was honestly scared to even attempt this pattern, but once I got going and found my "rhythm," it all came together quite quickly.

I also have a new addition to the sewing room.... a brand new PINK sewing chair!!  Up until now I've been using an old card chair as a sewing chair.  Worked fine with my scrapbooking and with my Janome.  However, once Rosie came into my life (along with her extension table), I found it rather awkward to be sitting so low at my table.  I did a LOT of research trying to find a nice but affordable chair and I found one.  I ordered the Office Star Mesh Task Chair in pink from  Reasonably priced (plus I had a coupon) and free shipping.  Just what I was looking for.  Ordered last Thursday and it came on Monday :-)  Took a whole whopping 15 minutes to assemble and I was on my way.

Hubby picked up a 3rd job (yes, he's nuts!) at a coffee shop a couple of nights a week and he's working tonight and tomorrow.  Planning on getting the borders on my quilt and hopefully basted this weekend, and I've also got to prep the fabric to make a couple of button-down shirts Hubby requested of me.  Going to be a busy, but productive few days!

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Meet "Rosie"

 Wow... it's been a while since I've posted!  I'm so sorry!!!!  Things have just been total chaos here at Chez Rosie.  Work, editing photos, work, hubby starting a 3rd job, oh... did I mention work?  Lol.

Anyways....  I've been in the market for a new machine for a few weeks/months now.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Janome 525s, but she's just a bit too small to do the projects I have planned.  I have been doing A LOT of research on machines, and thought I had finally settled on one.  My first choice.. a Janome 6500P.  There is a killer deal on them on Amazon and with having glowing 5-star reviews everywhere I looked, I thought.. This is IT!  Well, that was until this past week.

I did something I NEVER do... check out our local Craig's List.  I typed in "Janome" to see what popped up and I was surprised to find a Janome 6500P for $600 (with loads of extras).  I messaged the gal selling it and she quickly responded that it had sold an hour after she listed it.. she just never took the ad down :(  Total bummer!  I went back to the one on Amazon and was ready to pull the trigger.  On Thursday I was ready to order it, but then decided to check Craig's List one last time.  This time, only searching "sewing machines."  It was then I fell in LOVE! A Viking Husqavarna Eden Rose 250C... practically brand new!  I immediately contacted the gal selling it, crossing my fingers it was still available.  She called me back within 20 minutes, and after chatting with her for a few... I was SOLD!  Now it was just to convince Hubby :-)

It didn't take too much to convince him, and he even agreed to go out there with me.  Hubby and I got up at 8 am this morning to drive about an hour and forty-five minutes to go pick her up.  Not only was she a great deal, but she's PINK and has a ROSE "tattoo" on her :D
We stopped on our way home at a Viking dealer store and picked up the Sew-Steady Table (the only place that actually had them in stock and didn't need to be ordered).  I also got the interchanable dual-feed foot and the 1/4" attachment, as well as a closed-toe FMQ foot!!  Hubby REALLY spoiled me today :D  I really wanted the regular 1/4" edging foot (I believe it's called) but none of the stores had them.  I dragged Hubby down to the JoAnn's by our house so I could get the 1/4" attachment foot and I went ahead and had her order the edging foot for me.  Oh, and to sweeten the deal even more, at the first store... the lady offered me FREE user classes at the end of August.  Even though I didn't buy the machine from them, because I had spent so much money (he he he... let's just say my credit card is hurting right now)... she let me sign up for free!

All-in-all, it was a LONG but awesome day!  The lady I bought her from was SOOOOOO nice and helpful!  She showed me how to use her, gave me some really helpful hints considering this is my first Viking, and was eager to show me [I]her[/I] sewing room... let me just say I'm SOOOO jealous!!!

I've got her all set-up and ready to go!  I'm starting the piecing on the Lattice Quilt for my aunt, and can't wait to give her a good workout :-)

Hope everyone has had a spectacular Saturday!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Monday everyone!!!  It's an extra-special Monday today as it is Hubby's birthday (the big 3-8!).  We celebrated ALL weekend long!  It started off with a cookout on Saturday with all of our friends.

Instead of doing traditional cookout food on Saturday, due mainly in part to the unpredictable weather this weekend, I decided to go with Hubby's favorite for dinner.... Stuffed cabbage & mashed potatoes.  It's a lot of work, especially when cooking for 15 people, but it was totally worth it in the end! 

We held the party over at our friends' house as they have the perfect back yard for parties as well as a party-friendly basement that we could re-locate to if the weather went south.  Come 7pm, we were ready to PAR-TAY!

Fully Stocked Fridge
168 Jell-O Shots - Every single one was consumed!
The celebrating continued yesterday (Sunday) with a dinner out with my family (Mom & Dad, Sister, Brother-In-Law, and niece) the out for some ice cream.
Birthday Boy with our niece, Miss L
Today is Hubby's actual birthday and the little stinker has the day off!!  His company gives you your birthday off as a paid "holiday".... wish mine did that :-)  He's hanging out at the house today while I'm stuck at work.  Ah well.... he deserves it!

Considering I can't keep presents a surprise (I get too excited to give them!), Hubby got his presents in stages this weekend.  First one was a boxed set he's been drooling over for the past 9 months...

I let him open that one actually on Thursday last week so he could have the weekend to enjoy it.  Figured it might be kinda mean of me to give it to him when I got home from work today and he wouldn't have a chance to watch them.

Then, on Saturday he got the rest of his gifts..... Tickets to see KISS/Def Leppard next month and a "good" bottle of his favorite Irish Whiskey.  He also got a really nice bottle of Scotch, but I forgot to take a picture of that one... Whoops!

Tonight the plan is to take him out to dinner when I get home from work, and then sit and watch some Friday the 13th.  It's his day and he gets to do what he wants :-)

On the crafting front..... there is NO news!  The wedding I photographed back on the 12th managed to knock me down for about 3 days afterwards.... no crafting done. Then, planning the birthday shindig this weekend took up the rest of my week last week so... no crafting done.  I'm most likely not going to get any work done tonight, but have every intention of working a little bit each night this week to start making some serious progress on my Lattice Quilt. 

Hope everyone has had a fabulous week, a magnificent Monday, and a great week to come!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Make-A-List Monday: 7/14/14

Hello there ladies & gents!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I photographed a wedding on Saturday, and between the rehearsal on Friday and the big day... I am exhausted (still).

Here's a recap of last week's list:
  • Continue working on the Lattice Quilt - Hoping to at least get all the squares cut and the strips cut to size - D.O.N.E.  Got all the layer cakes cut into squares and then into triangles.  The honey bun has been cut into 7" strips.  That's about all I got done on it so far.

Here we go with this week's list:
  • Continue working on the Lattice Quilt - Wanting to get all the strips and triangles ironed in half so I can start piecing the blocks together.  Also hoping I can start sewing these blocks together and getting this show on the road :-)
  • Work a little bit on the Entrelac knitted pillow
Don't have much on the list again this week, but I'm also still recovering from the big wedding weekend last weekend.  I've got housework to do and I've also gotta get something organized for Hubby's birthday this weekend :-)  Trying not to over-extend myself this week.

That's it for me today.  Hope you have a great Monday and a fabulous week to come!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Making Progress

No finish for this week other than the table runner from Tuesday :-(. It's been a chaotic week here at Chez Rosie with this big wedding tomorrow. I'm photographing and Hubby's DJ-ing company is MCing the show. Between meetings with the bride, gathering and packing all my equipment, and everything else that goes along with prepping for it... I'm exhausted already!

I did manage to snag a few minutes last night and tonight and got the primary cutting done for the Lattice Quilt for my aunt for Christmas. It's not much, but it's progress. I'm hoping I won't be so exhausted on Sunday that I might be able to get into my craft room and start getting some of the blocks made. 

I'm going to be AWOL for a few days, but I will be back on Monday... Hopefully with news of some progress on this one :-)

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend to come!